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Attention: Parents, Caregivers and Advocates

Discover the
Extraordinary Power within, Unleash the Hidden Potentials of your Loved one with Autism


Proven strategies to turn a crisis into a miracle.

Dear Reader, 
Quickly envision a life where you can celebrate every milestone, witness unimaginable growth, and embrace the extraordinary without limitations with an autistic child. 

Beautiful, isn’t it? And it is also possible. If you want to go the extra mile to help your child or an individual with autism lead an everyday and authentic life… 

Nurturing their strengths, passions, and a bond that transcends the challenges of autism… Then, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read. 

Here’s why: 



My name is Kerry Brooks and I got a fair share of what I considered a nightmare when my son was three years old.

Let’s just say that, I am a devoted father who has walked the path you are on, right now.

I experienced the same range of emotions you are feeling- fear, confusion, and uncertainty.

I watched my tears of happier times flow into a river of despair…

And it appeared my joy for having a child had become short-lived. 

“Your child has Autism,” The doctor said. 
I was that man who always wanted to be the best father I could be to my children. 
But at that point, you can also guess.
I wasn’t sure how to be that Father or  I just did not know how to be that father anymore.
All my life, I thought I could relate to what Autism was…
However, my newfound reality soon showed me that I didn’t understand the diagnosis.
For me and my wife, it describes the ‘tough time’ we sincerely didn’t want to last. 
I thought to myself each time, “If I didn’t understand the diagnosis, how do I help my son?”
The thoughts kept me awake for several nights.
“Is this how I am going to let my son down?” I desperately needed answers. 
Only if the light would leave the end of the tunnel and come somewhere closer. 
I whined every day and anytime, to anyone who cared to listen. 

Then, one day, I came up with a decision. 
One I would make if I happen to wear these heavy shoes again. 
The decision allowed me to grow from being a whining dad 
To a solution provider, friend, and father to my son. 
Instead of waiting around, hoping someone would give me a magic pill to help my son  navigate life, 
I refused to let autism define my son’s life.
Each time I thought of my son, I think of him living a fulfilled life and maximizing his potential against all odds. 
Through extensive research, tireless dedication, and an unwavering belief in my child’s abilities, I discovered a transformative approach.
And everything changed for me. 
Now, I could make lemonades from the lemon life threw at me and my family.

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Help my son from the age of three through high school where he graduated with honors and is currently enrolled in University ( He is doing amazingly well for himself and I’m always the proud father).

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Empower people on transforming their struggles into triumphs, by helping their autistic children towards a future filled with independence, confidence, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.  

Provide parents,  guardians, and individuals with insights that pave the way for astonishing progress and a life of limitless possibilities for kids on the autistic spectrum. 

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Empower people on transforming their struggles into triumphs, by helping their autistic children towards a future filled with independence, confidence, joy, purpose, and fulfillment.  


And so on…I could easily fill up this page with the amazing results achieved over time with these strategies. Families, caregivers, and educators of autistic children have employed these transformative approaches… 

To improve the quality of life of their children, providing them a platform where autism is not a limitation but a gift! Let me show you some more proof!...

“ This book is a must read for every teacher. “ 

The author continually emphasizes the point that when you limit others, you limit yourself. Our human race is too fragile to eliminate even one child, and to eliminate because of ignorance. The author has provided an inspirational and personal insight into a vision of successful education."

- Virginia Simmons, PhD., lead of support team, Interamerican Academy and English language specialist, US Department of State

 " Mr. Brooks spoke our language! “ 

We could be related to his experience as a parent, his failures, his incredible achievements, and his personal success. Kerry is a very warm-hearted, wise, and witty speaker. "

- Felicia and Tom, Parents

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The more I looked closely at these “winning insights”...

The more I realized it worked everywhere .

It didn’t matter the gender, age, or background of the child, it worked!

In the beginning, it didn’t feel like a big deal because I kept trying different strategies with my son.

I noticed significant changes and made the move to confirm and confirm again.

The results for families were consistently great than anything any of us could have imagined.


Since then, it has become a significant deal for me, and seeing how far my son has come, I want to help other families help their autistic kids to fulfillment.


It simply just works when you engage it.

And you can use these insights for your autistic kid and watch your child go from being a concern point to your little miracle.


Then, the journey is no longer about surviving; it is about thriving together and embracing the uniqueness that autism brings.


This isn’t another fairy tale or make-believe theory like you may have seen out there.  You see, I have spent years learning everything I know from rough, draining, and tough experiences. 

It’s a major reason I have decided to pay it forward to people like you,

So you don’t have to spend sleepless nights and figure things out as I did.

The days of trial and error. Months of uncertainties.

Years of trying again and not giving up. You can lie down with your two eyes closed, with a calm that things are under control without you being there round the clock. 

It’s okay if you still have your doubts.

I’ll let a cat out of the bag soon. But first, look at this…

“ moves with his narrative “ 

Animated, frank, and funny, Mr. Brooks truly moves with his narrative and personal enigma. Excellent speaker but even better father!.

- T.Collins, Mother

 " speaks on behalf of the fathers “ 

Finally, someone speaks on behalf of the fathers I could relate to every word spoken and every fear and feeling expressed. Mr. Brooks is a candid and captive speaker. Thank you!

- R. Campbell, Father

“ Throughout my reading of this book, I laughed and I cried “ 

A wonderful experience in reading. As a parent of a child with autism, this book touched my soul.  Throughout my reading of this book, I laughed and I cried. By the end of the book, I pray that others will understand that there is life and light after a diagnosis of autism. Faith, Hope and Love can truly turn your greatest crisis into your greatest miracle.

- Nacoal B., Fort Lauderdale, FL, Proud Mother of Evan


Are you a parent to an autistic child and you want to overcome your struggles caring for your child, and want to help your child lead a beautiful life above the challenges of autism?

Imagine this... You're walking through a bustling street, filled with vibrant colors and laughter.

Your child, who was once reserved and struggling to connect with the world, now beams with confidence.

People stop to admire their incredible talent, marveling at their remarkable achievements.

You can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude for this extraordinary transformation.

Are you a caregiver to children or individuals with autism?

Do you desire to help them unleash their untapped potential?

Would you love to take them on a journey of discovery, acceptance, and growth, so that they can break free from the barriers that may have held them back until now?

Are you an educator of autistic children and individuals?

Can you help them identify their strengths and nurture their talents?

Will you like to know how to help them develop a sense of purpose and confidence in their capabilities?

Are you interested in knowing how to encourage autonomy, and allow students to have a say in their goals and learning process?


Do you want to know how to create a sensory-friendly environment?

Are you a first responder?

Do you like to advocate for inclusive practices within your organization to ensure individuals with autism are supported? Do you enjoy engaging with parents, caregivers, and professionals who work closely with children and individuals with autism? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions… You should invest in “the transformative strategy” and shatter every limitation you have ever held up on children with special needs.


I have included every detail of the transformative strategy in my book, “Autism 2 Awesome; Allow your Greatest Crisis Become Your Greatest Miracle”.


“Autism 2 Awesome” is not just another book on autism.

It’s a beacon of hope and an empowering guide that shows that every autistic child can live a life beyond the bare minimum and chains of uncertainties.


In the book, I have revealed unconventional strategies and insights I used to understand my son, unlock my son’s hidden potential, and live a happier life with my kid.


This book hits the nail right on the head. 

new book 2 2.png

“ This book is a must read for every teacher. “

Finally, a realistic approach to understanding and overcoming parental fears about raising autistic children from a father who has done it all!

- Yolanda Golden, Child Welfare Specialist and Educator

" I would definitely share this “

This was a very great read. It's conversational and easy to follow. I find it most inspirational not only to families dealing with autism, but other life-altering adversities. I would definitely share this in my waiting area for guests.

- Anniece Ward, D.D.S

Hurry! Limited stock available

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Inside this groundbreaking
book, you'll discover:

The Power of Mindset

Learn how to shift your perspective and embrace a positive mindset that empowers both you and your child to overcome any obstacle.

Nurturing the Unique Genius

Uncover the extraordinary gifts hidden within your child's autism and discover how to develop and leverage these talents for their advantage.

The Power of


Uncover the extraordinary gifts hidden within your child's autism and discover how to develop and leverage these talents for their advantage.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Discover how to cultivate an environment that fosters growth, understanding, & acceptance, both at home & in the community.


Equip yourself with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the ups and downs of the autism journey, empowering your child to become an unstoppable force for positive change.


The path may not always be easy, but with Autism 2 Awesome, you can transform your greatest crisis into your greatest miracle. As you engage the proven strategies, you start to feel better. Reduced anxieties and worries, Get real sleep, No more unending doctor’s visits, No more negative energy, confusion… and more.

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Here’s what to do next

The incredible news is that the Autism2Awesome book is free. I’ll be glad to pay for the book. This is where you come in. You’ll cover the shipping fee and handling cost and … You can have the book with you from anywhere you are in the world…

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Your child's journey from autism 2 awesome starts here. Take the leap of faith and join the ranks of parents who have witnessed the miraculous transformation of their children. 

Are you prepared to turn your greatest crisis into your greatest miracle?

Remember, every moment you delay is a missed opportunity to uncover the hidden brilliance within your child. Take action now, and together, let's transform autism from a crisis to an awe-inspiring miracle. Click the button below to secure your copy of "Autism 2 Awesome" and embark on an extraordinary journey to growth and discovery!

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Thank you for taking the time to read this page, and I look forward to hearing from you. To the limitless potential within your child

Kerry L. Brooks

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