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The journey from Autism 2 Awesome

Our Approach


Autism 2 Awesome mission is to empower people to rethink, reimagine, and recondition the misconceptions about Autism.


Our Special Intervention Training Techniques (SITT) teach life, and educational strategies leading to a marked improvement in your child's abilities, behavioral health, and academic success.


Autism 2 Awesome supports parents of children on the Autism Spectrum who refuse to surrender hope for an independent future for their children despite the odds. 


Autism 2 Awesome promotes acceptance and understanding for those affected by ASD and works tirelessly to reduce misconceptions about Autism.  


Our Special Intervention Training Techniques (SITT) developed over two decades of research, " Try, Fail, and Try Again" relentless approach to obstacles and setbacks, in collaboration with some of the brightest and truly compassionate physicians, neuroscientists, and educators.

We want to thank the thousands of parents, caregivers, families,  and friends who supported our pursuit, adding input and insight to our common goal. Our Movement of Hope for a better tomorrow has spread beyond our imagination as more families see their children go from Autism 2 Awesome just like our son.

"It is not only possible, it is necessary!"

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Mother and Baby on Floor

Special Intervention Training Techniquies

Be First 2 Respond Training

Autism 2 Awesome Course




Kerry L. Brooks has worked in federal law enforcement for nearly thirty years, also serving as a diplomat during this time in various countries. His most important roles, however, are those of father and husband.Kerry graduated from Troy University in Alabama, where he was part of a national championship football team.


As a proud father of five, he and his wife have dedicated themselves to finding the best strategies for raising their family. Mr. Brooks is a law enforcement professional of 30 years and the founder and CEO of Autism 2 Awesome.  Mr. Brooks works with parents, professionals, charitable, and law enforcement agencies training, educating, and advocating for individuals with ASD. His dedication and commitment to helping others stem directly from his personal journey from Autism 2 Awesome.


About the Book

Allow Your Greatest Crisis To Become Your Greatest Miracle

"This book is an honest and sincere narrative about the journey from diagnosis to complete recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorder as seen from a father's perspective. More often than not we hear from the mothers of children diagnosed with autism. This book is different because it is the first book of its kind, reflecting on the male perspective, the challenges, and the struggles of the fathers of special children."

Kerry L. Brooks takes you to the beginning of his own experience as a concerned dad, from learning about the ASD diagnosis, questioning his role and his abilities as a father to protect and help his son, through the deep emotional wounds of feeling helpless and unable to come up with solutions, to finding faith in the midst of a crisis and creating his own daddy's protocol and techniques for healing not only his son but himself as well.

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Felicia and Tom

Mr. Brooks spoke our language. We could be related to his experience as a parent, his failures, his incredible achievements, and personal success. Kerry is very warm-hearted, wise, and witty speaker.

T. Collins

Animated, frank and funny, Mr. Brooks truly moves with his narrative and personal enigma. Excellent speaker but even better father!

R. Campell

Finally, someone speaks on behalf of the fathers! I could relate to every word spoken, and every fear and feeling expressed. Mr. Brooks is a candid and captivating speaker. Thank you!

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