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This program identifies the risks associated with raising children with special needs from early age to adulthood and throughout life.


Each state of development presents with challenges in different degrees and requires age and ability customized approach.


The Program addresses the three stages:

  1. Be Prepared

  2. Be Proactive

  3. Plan of Action


Become familiar with the most common risk factors and detrimental 

behavioral patterns before coping with crisis situations  in order to prevent crisis and intervene on time.




  • The Idle Wanderer (roaming) - prevention, safety and security

  • The Runner- prevention, proactive approach, safety and security

  • Temper tantrums- patterns, prevention, diversion,replacing the patterns

  • Precocious puberty- recognition, education, how to talk to special children about the changes, parental preparedness , social expectations and rules. 

  • Puberty- hormonal changes, appropriate versus inappropriate behavior

  • Personal and public safety - 911, plan of action,  safety training drills

  • Behavioral outbursts - prevention, diversion, intervention

  • Environmentally triggered behavioral meltdowns in public

  • Travel safety -airport; on the plane with special needs children:  airport security issues; crowd danger

  • Self mutilation- causes, prevention, intervention

  • Aggression and violence- causes, prevention, intervention

  • Anxiety and/or depression- the hidden escalation before the an unfortunate event- symptoms, intervention, advice, support




  • Companies providing care for individuals with special needs such as respite, rehabilitation, attended care, etc

  • Private tutoring companies

  • Therapy Centers or Medical Offices

  • Youth sports programs

  • Youth clubs

  • Schools with special needs classrooms

  • Educational Institutions

  • Daycare centers

  • Special Olympics Event Organizers

  • Private  And School Security Personnel

  • Any company or organisations held liable for the safety of the individuals entrusted in their care.

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