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Crisis & Risk Management

During our lifetime we will experience a life crisis.  For our family, it happen about thirteen years ago when our son was diagnosed with autism.  We had no experience on how to handle this situation and we did not understand the risks associated with raising a special needs child. From personal experience and research our Crisis & Risk Management training will help you through the difficult times you are experiencing.  This training is beneficial to parents, day care centers, schools, first responders, and sports programs.    


On-Line Training

We understand the challenges of time management when it comes to caring for a special needs child.  This is why we have made our affordable training available on-line through Skype and Face Time.  You can bring the training right into your very own livingroom. In addition to learning about risk management you will also learn how to reduce stress, how to increase your child's learning, how to keep our children safe.  Our on-line program includes or signature training Ballin 4 Autism.  Ballin 4 Autism is fun, engaging and will help your child develop in so many ways.  Ballin 4 Autism is a great early intervention technique to use to start building a solid learning foundation.

Be First 2 Respond:Training For First Responders

After 25 years in Federal Law Enforcement, we have developed training that will benefit all first responders.  First Responders will learn how to:identify special needs individuals, verbally de-escalate situations, decrease stress, build community partnerships, and prevent legal circumstances. 

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