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About What  We Do

We provide training in Nigeria for consultation and educational training to parents, educators, medical personnel and police.  In the next ten years there will be over ½ million adults living with autism. This will be a huge challenge for the criminal justice and judicial system as research shows that individuals with autism are 7-10 times more likely to come in contact with the police.





Understanding and Treating Autism

This is the most profound and in debt Autism data program, consolidated to include all imperative information of scientific sources in regards Autism Spectrum Disorder to the present.


The program is presented over two days conferences and it is easy to understand.


Target group- Medical Professionals; Parents; Government Health Organizations:Ministry of Education; Scholls; Special Education professionals; Therapists; Habilitation Services Providers;


NOTE: This program is presented by Associate Organization. 


The Program consists of 12 modules:


Module 1

The journey of the  Autistic parents. This lecture will prepare you emotionally and psychologically to the road ahead. You come first. 


Module  2.  

Autism Cause and Cure: The environmental factors. What are you up against? When you find the cause you will know the cure. 


Module 3. 

What drives common  ASD behaviors: “Why is my child doing this?” Toe walking, gridding teeth, not able to sit for more then a minute at a time, stims, self mutilation,...understand  the hidden mechanisms that drive your children’s minds, bodies and behaviors..This lecture  will give you a wealth of practical and proven effective solutions collected for the last 11 years. What works , what doesn’t.


Module 4. Epigenetics & Genetics. What Controls Our Genes?  How are

your beliefs, your feelings and attitude towards life and you

child  affecting your child and why? Now when you know the science behind it, what are you willing to change? Absolutely fascinating information you better know about now then later. 


Module 5. Energetic Healing Modalities for ASD. Course in Miracles. We hear about it but can we make our own? The parents are the best healers for their children. Love is the best treatment. Learn how to use it to affect tangible physical change in the health and wellbeing of your child, yourself and your family


Module 6. Stop the guessing game. The body speaks its own language. Symptoms  and their meaning. Symptoms never lie. How to self diagnose  and  to become your medical practitioner eyes and ears and report accurately upon the health status of your child.


Module  7. The Six Phases of the Healing Crisis. Classical Homeopathy & Homotoxicology. How can you know if the changes you observe in your child are sign of a improvement or regression. Very practical lecture giving you the tools to recognize change, how to track your child progress but most important, how to know when treatments really works.


Module 8.Organs of Elimination, Detoxification: Proper  Order of Treatment. Your plan of action. The proper biomedical approach.  What should be done in respect and accordance to the body’s holistic order and how to time your treatment so you can achieve results.


Module 9. Mercury Detox. Toxic Metals & Mercury Detoxification: Methods, Agents, Review of medical protocols. The different approaches explained so you can chose the one you feel is best for you. Alternatives for every "pocket".


Module 10. Methods of Treatment of Opportunistic infections in ASD:

Candida, Streptococcus, Parasites. Lyme Disease and Co Infections. Are there alternatives to antibiotics?  Which supplements, which  herbs, when and how often.


Module 11. Nutrition, Digestion, Absorption, Enzymes, Feeding disorders: Food Allergies and Diets. Do diets really work, which ones, how and why? Does my child have to stay on a diet for life? How to make a picky eater eat his veggies easy breezy


Module  12. Start immediate  intervention program. Help your child's brain recover the neurotoxic trauma by triggering neurogenesis using methods to provoke neuroplasticity. The brain is PLASTIC. You have not tried “everything”  if you have not tried this method. 





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