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"There is no weakness in being knocked down, but there is a strength in getting back up."


- Kerry L. Brooks


"This book is an honest narrative about the journey of a father of a special need child from diagnosis to recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Reflecting on the male perspective and psychology,

its specific challenges, and struggles, this book is a first of its kind to present the other side of the story and bring awareness and recognition for the role of the father in raising happy and healthy children."

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Look Beyond the Label of Autism

Autism 2 Awesome: Kerry L. Brooks

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Kerry L. Brooks - Author


"Kerry L. Brooks takes you back to the beginning of his own experience as a special dad, from dealing with sudden ad devastating diagnosis, questioning his role and as man, his character, ethics, strength, and abilities as an individual and as a father to help, heal, and protect his son.

He takes you on a journey through his deepest emotional wounds of feeling helpless, the self-doubt, and the frustration over the lack of information, solutions, and treatments, to finding faith in the midst of the crisis, and creating his own daddy's protocol for healing not only his son but himself as well.

Father and Son

In his book, Mr. Brooks, a law enforcement professional of 30 years also discusses the predicament faced by families with loved ones on the spectrum due to the lack of education about Autism and its behavioral proclivities among first responders. He shares some very much needed advice, methods, and tips for crisis management and de-escalation that every parent or caregiver should learn, know and teach forward. Lack of knowledge, misreading a behavior and misunderstanding should never be a reason for the loss of innocent life. In a typical for a father protective manner, he offers a "must know and must do" step-by-step manual of what to do to ensure the safety of individuals with special needs. Every chapter ends with a brief summary, aimed at fathers, in a form of a manual.

This book is a wonderful gift to every family and every father who needs encouragement, hope, and faith in better days to come restored.

This is a story of an unfolding love and a testimony that where there is love, there are miracles!

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"I will always remember that park in Nicosia, Cyprus because that’s where I had, as Oprah would say, my "Aha Moment". I began to notice that there were mostly fathers in the park with their children.  It was also more common for fathers to play with their children in the evening. The most profound and wonderful image of a father and child sharing time together as a common event is still embedded in my mind.


Two years before our son was born, I was on a foreign assignment in Cyprus, located near Greece. The people of this beautiful Mediterranean Island enjoyed pristine air, gorgeous beaches, scenic mountain views, and unmatched hospitality. It was very much like a small town in the United States. From the balcony of my second-floor apartment, I enjoyed watching families gathering in the park below. To me, life was somehow different in Cyprus. I immersed myself in the culture, made friends, ate local food, and visited the ancient sights on the island. As they say, life was good in Cyprus.


About two years after my "Aha Moment,” I was blessed to be the proud father of a beautiful baby boy. For the first eighteen months, we shared life together as we breathed the pristine air of Cyprus, took dips in the blue Mediterranean Sea, basked in the sunshine, ate non-toxic foods, and drank unpolluted water. Our son was developing as a healthy, happy, and typical child. Again, as they say, life is good in Cyprus.


After my family returned to the United States we settled into our new home in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our crisis had begun. Our journey to here and now was nothing short of a miracle."

Kerry L. Brooks

The book covers his personal experience over nineteen years of fatherly love among trials and tribulations and the unwavering faith that forges a sacrifice for something greater than oneself. Kerry commemorates teaching his son every step of the way from simple things, like brushing his teeth, through the dreadful potty training, over the hills of socialization and healthy self-esteem; finding purpose and developing strength of character, integrity, and personal responsibility for one's future. A father is indeed called to lead the way through the life passages by personal example. A hero is not measured by his strength but by the strength of his heart, indeed. 

Kerry's fatherly labor of love did deliver. His son, Max Not only caught up with his peers but exceeded academically in school. Max played varsity basketball in high school and was recognized as a MIP during his last year of high school.


Having a very clear sense of life purpose, Max graduated with honors, and received the highest scholarship, for his dream university, where he is working enthusiastically on the next chapter of his life, free from any ASD residue and leftovers.

Kerry shares heartwarming stories about putting to use the best of his skills and "whatever is lying around" to engage with his child, going for "Fake it up, until you make it" attitude. He speaks about the slow but glorious return of his son's speech and the steady increase of communication, thanks to the simple but fun activities they did together as a family with his son. You can "follow" him as he hand-over-hand dribbles around the basketball court with his son teaching hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and teamwork. You can almost hear him cheering, "It is not important where or how you start, but where and how you finish!"

This book is a wonderful gift to every family and every father who needs encouragement, hope, and faith in better days to come restored.

This is a story of unconditional love. and a testimony that where there is love, there are miracles!

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