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Reimagining Autism: 
From Challenges 
to Triumphs

Transforming Lives, Celebrating Differences, and Embracing Neurodiversity

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Are You Ready To Embark on a Transformative Journey?

In "Autism 2 Awesome," you'll discover the incredible stories of resilience, strength, and the power of embracing neurodiversity. 


This is more than a book; it's a source of inspiration, guidance, and hope.

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Where it all began…

In 2003, the doctor told us that our 3-year-old son had autism.

He added that we should focus on having other children because we could do nothing for him. 


Finally, he told my wife and I to prepare our son to live in a group home. 

What could be more heartbreaking for a first-time dad?


I watched my excitement fade out every day… but 


Today, our son is enrolled in college and living his best life as a productive young adult. 


We allowed our greatest crisis to become our greatest miracle, and now we provide life strategies, training others to do the same to support their children.

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Ready to Make a Positive Change for Your Autistic Child?

We understand that your journey as a parent of an autistic child or a teacher and caregiver comes with unique challenges, questions, and the desire for the best support possible.  


We're offering you a FREE 20-minute consultation with our experts

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Ready to Turn Challenges into Triumphs?

Are you ready to turn challenges into triumphs and celebrate every small victory along the way?


Our one-on-one coaching program is designed just for you, the unsung heroes of the autism journey.

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Empower Your Child’s Future

Do you dream of unlocking the extraordinary potential within your child with autism?


Imagine witnessing their remarkable growth, celebrating their unique strengths, and empowering them to thrive in a world that often misunderstands them. 


Your dream is within reach, starting with our Autism 2 Awesome Course.


Mr. Brooks is not only a committed professional but he has demostrated unique ability to inspire parents, professionals and contributors. From the first time Mr. Brooks and I met I was so impressed with his desire to work with children with special needs, reaching out to parents and professionals as well, basically to whomever would listen. I have been honored to have him as a featured consultant and professional speaker at several regional and national events hosted by Fathers & Families Coalition of America. As we move forward, I have asked Mr. Brooks to be a leader with us to address the needs of parents internationally due to his unique skills and as a visionary leader. Austism2Awesome is awesome because of Mr. Brooks!

J. Rodriguez
CEO at Fathers & 
Families Coalition


Kerry Brooks is all about the children, his or ours. I have witnessed how he interacts with them and how they respond to him. He is able to engage on their level and make everything fun for them. The well-being of children is definitely his highest priority and they naturally gravitate towards him. He would volunteer for every event and opportunity to interact with them, from sports couching, to events for special needs children, either giving or doing. If you see a cluster of kids, Mr. Brooks would be in the middle of it. He is excellent mentor with an innate gift to inspire and motivate, natural leader who keeps himself and every life he touches accountable to provide the best environment for children to thrive in. He is driven and determined to change as many lives as he could.

M. Sideris
Autism Alternative


K. Brooks is an extremely talented, dedicated and energetic person. The enthusiasm to bring upon change in the life of others is contagious. His dedication to training the world to be "First 2 Respond" is so admirable, as few care so deeply or invest the time to address the growing concern and the unfortunate consequences streaming forth of lack of information or preparedness of our first responders in cases where they need to interact with individuals with special needs. I am glad to see that someone truly cares!

S. Bartholomew,


Mr. Brooks is calm, cool and collected in situations where most of parents and professionals would panic and loose control. He brings to the table an insight of a loving parent, the discipline and the slow to judgement approach of trained law enforcement professional and the experience of someone who has been there done that and done it right. His programs are invaluable assets to any organization or company providing services to individuals with special needs.

D. Brooks,


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When Today is One Day

How to Overcome the Challenges of Autism and Embrace Each Day as a Catalyst for Growth and Success.


If you have a child on the Autism spectrum and it intensely bothers you, that’s a lot to deal with. 


But, I’ve got good news for you; you are dissatisfied for many days when a day should be lived at a time.


Find out how in this free resource.

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